BOOTZ, BOOTZ, BOOTZ!Real quick, I just want to shout out Funk Master Flex – keep doing your thing, big homey! On to the business at hand..Bootz, the most recently disposed beauty on “Flavor of Love,” has revealed quite a bit in the last few days in her press run. Well, she has let everybody know who Flavor Flav will make his hooch queen at the end of the season. Well, I won’t mess it up for you, but I have no reason to watch the show anymore. But, she did it. Also, if you watch, you know that Bootz was always stressing to Flav that she wouldn’t let him “knock bootz” until she got married. Well, there is a very significant reason for that. SHE HAD A MAN THE WHOLE TIME! Now, I’m like, “What THE F.” She admitted to this, all the while looking like a semi-angel. She also reconfirmed what I have told you in the past, that New York will get her spin-off show. I found it very entertaining.

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