We previously reported that Foxy Browns ex-manager appeared on Eminem's Shade 45 radio station to blast back after Foxy blamed many things including him for the failure of her last album, Brooklyns Don Diva. Since doing so, Chaz "Slim" Williams has been at the center of controversy over his comments that he says were taken out of context.

"I just want you to know that in times of peace you prepare for war, and you better bet I'm prepared, so I would advise as a cautionary measure, a caveat, don't even do it," Williams said. "It's coming across like I issued a warning and it's not that," Williams continued, "I wasn't really trying to have a conversation about Foxy at all, however she made some earlier comments and the situation came up. My comments were in response to a hypothetical question I was asked about what I would do if Foxy came back talking crazy. It was a metaphor, in times of peace you prepare. It's not like I will physically deal with her in any kind of way."

Many people took his comments as a physical threat to which Williams said "You can't seriously think I would issue any kind of threat over the air." "It's crazy to even think that. The matter isn't even that serious for all that. People want to create a beef and make it look like I'm getting ready to bully her. This is some nonsense."

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