Rapper RICK ROSS has downplayed a tiger attack on an animal trainer on the set of his video – insisting he escaped with minor injuries.

The hip-hop star was shooting a video for his single Here I Am, when the trainer was bitten in the leg by the big cat.

But Ross insists the unnamed trainer has recovered from the incident – because it isn’t the first time he has suffered at the tiger’s paws.

He says, “Forty five minutes into the shoot, the trainer is doing his thing with the tiger, and the tiger just grabbed his ass! Did his thing.

“It wasn’t his first time being bit – (but) he got bit pretty good. I wasn’t too far from it… It was all good – the tiger was on the chain. You had to be there to see that it wasn’t out of control. It wasn’t crazy, he wasn’t getting mauled. It was the owner/pet thing. He plugged him good! I let (the trainer) know he had to finish my video. He wiped the blood off, it was all good.”

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