50 Cent seems to always have beef with someone and when just when it seems to have gone away, a new one shows up. The G-Unit leader is now setting his aim on southern rapper T.I. Fellow G-Unit members, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, previewed tracks for their new G-Unit album, Terminate On Sight, in New York Last night. Without 50 there (he's filming a movie), the G-Unit members had one paticular track that got everyones attention. "You So Tough" features 50 Cent talking about T.I. saying “Nowadays this rap shit ain’t adding up/ How niggas get caught with 10 machine guns, only get 12 months?”

Who will be next on 50's list? Time Will Tell. G-Unit's Terminate On Sight will be in stores on July 1st.


  • Premier says:

    Just showing some trackback love drew… But on to my comment. 50 Cent has really got his hands full on this one… I dont think this is a legit beef but he will get alot backlash with this one

  • Big Dave says:

    50 need to sit his @$$ down, this cat has to have his hand in something, TI will murder that dude on a track just like he put Lil Flip out of commission. 50 this is to you you have all this cash so you need to sit your @$$ down and continue to get money and quit trying to be the face in the Hip Hop ring.

  • Premier says:

    Big Dave ( no homo)
    You put it clear man … no one really talks about how he put Lil Flip out of commission. Last time you heard of Lil Flip was his accident and no one even wants to hear what filp has to say … lets get off it Fiddy!

  • team 50 says:

    It seems like everybody read to much into stuff. They always talking about 50 startin beef, stop reporting it!! If this was any other dude in the hood, everybody would label him a snitch. And besides did he say he was talking about TI and besides what dude you know get caught with that type of ammunition and get 12 months? I aint calling TI no snitch, I’m just saying…..

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