Things are looking up for R.Kelly in his current trial. The prosection previously had called a witness by the name of Lisa Van Allen, and now the defense called her former fiance Damon Pryor, as their surprize witness. Pryor implicated Van Allen and two other men as being in a conspiracy plot against Kelly. Pryor says his ex-fiance was attempting to extort R. Kelly along with two other men from Kansas who he says set Kelly up.

Damon Pyor told sources"These [were] guys in Kansas named Chuck and Keith that she was saying were trying to put some tapes together on R. Kelly." "Those are the words she used. And in conversation I remember them calling and I was like who is this? There were several people in contact with her."

Pryor also went on to say that his ex fiance not only planned to extort R. Kelly but she also stole expensive jewelry including a $30,000 watch. Pryor says he isn't saying this because his relationship with Van Allen ended with her involvement with Kelly but rather “I really think they are trying to railroad him…there are people who know the truth who are not speaking up,” Pryor said, adding he believed the tape was doctored.


  • Deezee says:

    If Kelly gets off from this trial then that shows you how sick the world that we live in is!

  • ms jackson says:

    you know what..all this shit is real suspect…the chicks supposedly ex fiance has a myspace where he’s showing off his brand new home..a mansion..in atlanta..and the negro never been to college..plus he got pics of her up saying this is his baby she 4 months and all that….man listen..rkelly is smart as shit

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