Tyrese Gibson Blasts Ex-wife After She Files For Restraining Order

Tyrese Gibson has blasted his ex-wife Norma after she accused the actor of abuse and was granted a restraining order against him.
Norma Gibson, who was married to The Fast and the Furious actor between 2007 and 2009, filed documents claiming he has a long history of domestic abuse and has harmed both her and their 10-year-old daughter Shayla. She also alleged that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and manic behavior and she feared he would abduct their kid and take her abroad.
She was granted a temporary restraining order by a judge, who banned the actor from contacting Norma or Shayla directly or indirectly until a hearing on 2 October.
According to The Blast, Norma was also given temporary physical and legal custody of their daughter while Tyrese didn’t even get visitation.
Tyrese’s attorney told the website Norma was “making up stories about beatings and abuse” and was adamant all the claims were false, but then the 38-year-old took to Instagram to issue a statement in which he suggested Norma was jealous of his new marriage.
“Norma I know you can see this, I’m sorry I got re-married, I’m sorry we didn’t work out I’m sorry you haven’t been able to find another man since we separated,” he wrote. “Sometimes you get married and have kids and things just don’t work out, but I have NEVER wished harm on you.
“I was hoping by now you got over what we used to be… Being bitter, resentful and just felt (flat) out mean will (sic) has never been good for our daughter …. But I see the attacks just won’t stop so I believe this too will pass and God and the courts will reveal the truth.”
He continued by explaining that he just wants to be able to co-parent his daughter, adding that if he was such a bad father, the courts wouldn’t have increased his custody share from “80/20 to 70/30 to 60/40 to 50/50” in his favor.
Tyrese married Samantha Lee on Valentine’s Day earlier this year.

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