Nelly’s Rape Accuser Wants Rapper’s Defamation Suit Dismissed

A woman who accused Nelly of rape has asked a judge to dismiss his defamation case against her on the grounds that the allegations are true.
Monique Greene, 25, claims the Country Grammar rapper forced himself upon her during an encounter on his tour bus after a gig in Washington – accusations he has vehemently denied.
Nelly, 43, was arrested in October, but the criminal case against him was dropped in December after Greene declined to testify.
However, she launched her own defamation and sexual assault suits against the star, and he has countersued, claiming that they had sex but that it was consensual.
According to The Blast website, documents show she is asking the presiding judge to dismiss the musician’s countersuit because her statements were true and protected by freedom of speech laws.
As part of her civil sexual assault suit, she is seeking an injunction to prevent the musician from doing to others what he allegedly did to her, and claims to have been contacted by at least two other women with similar experiences of after-show incidents.
In another filing, Greene has accused Nelly’s girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, of falsely corroborating his alibi to “further his defamation campaign” against her.
After the story hit the headlines, Shantel admitted he had “f**ked up” by cheating on her with Greene but said she was with her boyfriend after the show in question and that Greene’s allegations were false.
Nelly, real name Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., is also being investigated in the U.K. over two other alleged sexual assaults, but the rapper and his girlfriend say the accusations are false.

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