Amy Schumer Cuts Ties With Manager Who Used To Date Her Husband

Amy Schumer has cut ties with her long-term manager Carrie Byalick, who previously dated her husband Chris Fischer.
According to the New York Post’s gossip column Page Six, the actress has parted ways with Carrie, who is responsible for landing her some of the biggest gigs of her career – including a lucrative Netflix deal.
While sources close to the star told the outlet that it was “just time” for Amy and Carrie to go their separate ways, other insiders said it was after Amy and chef Chris tied the knot in February that her relationship with publicist and manager Carrie really fell apart.
Apparently, it was Carrie’s romantic relationship with Chris in 2007 that led to her and Amy’s issues. So when Amy and Chris spontaneously decided to marry, they didn’t invite Carrie – despite many of Amy’s exes being at the nuptials in Malibu. Amid the drama, Amy is said to have unfollowed Carrie on Instagram.
Amy and Chris were originally introduced by Carrie, in a roundabout way. The source told Page Six that Chris’ younger sister Molly approached Carrie asking for work, and Carrie then introduced her to Amy, who hired her as an assistant. Molly was then responsible for pairing up Amy and Chris, with the pair walking down the aisle just a few months later.
When contacted by Page Six, Carrie denied that her former romance with Chris had anything to do with her and Amy parting ways.
“People are always trying to make a story more interesting than reality. Our business relationship ended for many reasons, but has no connection to someone I briefly dated over a decade ago, years before I even met Amy,” she said. “I couldn’t be happier for her personally and professionally, and though our working relationship ended, we remain good friends.”
A representative for Amy declined to comment.

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