Cate Blanchett And Sandra Bullock Urge Actresses To ‘stop Being Polite’

Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock want actresses in Hollywood to stop being polite with their on-set demands.
The duo, who star in Ocean’s 8, were discussing equality in the movie industry in a new interview with BBC News, and revealed they’ve both had to work hard to dispel the negative preconceptions of women in Hollywood.
“I’ve always been quite proactive in things I can do as an actress in trying to wrestle with the character and subvert expectations and female cliches,” Cate said of her experience. “But I’ve been very polite about what I ask for on set. And I think now, it’s like, you know what?…”
“Stop being polite,” Sandra quickly replied.
Despite the all-female cast on the heist movie, including Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson and Rihanna, the crew was disappointingly nearly all-male, with only the costume designer a woman.
“I’ve been doing this thing on every film set I’ve been on in the last few years, and having stepped away to run a theater company for 10 years, I’ve come back, and all those clapper loaders who were women, they’re not (camera) operating. They’re not lighting,” Cate explained.
“But all the clapper loaders who were men are operating and lighting. And so the career trajectory for the female members in the crew is (limited)… I’m very passionate about that.
“I think it’s part of what Frances McDormand was saying about inclusion riders,” the 49-year-old added, referencing the Three Billboards star’s speech at the Oscars in which she demanded clauses in film contracts which stipulate there must be equality among cast and crew.
“We need this proportion of men to women on crews,” the Blue Jasmine star said. “It’s not just to make women happy for a small moment in time. It’s a much more creative way to work.”
Ocean’s 8 is in cinemas now.

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