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LISA RAYE PULLIN STUNTS AND SHOWS!!!! She knew better didn’t she! How the hell are you going to switch up like that in less than week!


BOOTZ TELLS IT ALL!BOOTZ, BOOTZ, BOOTZ!Real quick, I just want to shout out Funk Master Flex – keep doing your thing, big homey! On to the business at hand..Bootz, the most recently disposed beauty on “Flavor of Love,” has revealed quite a bit in the last few days in her press run. Well, she has […]


MEDIA WHORE OF THE WEEK: DIDDY How there him! He is out promoting his album like crazy and Artists like Danity Kane & Cheri Dennis are getting treated like step-children! Danity Kane was number 1 when their album drop. These girls pull the unthinkable with hardly no airplay or promotion.Cheri Dennis had a semi-hit record […]


Janet Jackson “Show me” This is my favorite cut off her latest album 20 Y.O.I swear she is not playing this time. This should had been her first single. Go support her album! She definitely deserves to be number for this shit! click here to listen: http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=193439027.wma