In this week Hip Hop Charts

, Fergie debuts on top, Chingy “pulls it back” and Lupe Fiasco breezes his way to the No. 12 slot.
Debuting on the charts this week at No. 3 is Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. The singer of the hit “London Bridges” has stepped out to hold her own this week, as her debut LP, The Dutchess, steps into the charts competition. The debuting numbers for Fergie reads off at 142,500.
Debuting at the No. 8 spot this week is Chingy. Chingy’s third solo effort hasn’t lived up to the hype of the recent hit single, “Pullin’ Me Back,” bringing in only 70,600 units for week one. Hoodstar seems to be only hot in the ‘hood this week, even with decent video and airplay he’s been receiving.
Lupe Fiasco makes his charts debut at No. 12 this week. It appears as though the Chi-town rap star responsible for last summer’s “Kick Push” has kicked and pushed the massive amount of buzz he had going for him to the pits, with disappointing numbers for Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor reading off at 58,000. The second single for Lupe’s debut, “I Gotcha” has been receiving minimal airplay.
Still holding on to the rap competition this week is Rick Ross, taking down the No. 27 seat. After losing his spot at No. 20 last week, Ricky Ross is still getting it in for the M.I.A, nearing official gold status at 466,600. This week, Ross has pushed it once again, with 27,400 representing the week-in total.
Debuting on The Hip-Hop Charts this week is Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, holding it down at No. 31. Thug Stories, released independently through KOCH, has taken down 26,000 copies for week one.
Next up is Gnarls Barkley, moving down ten seats to claim the No. 34 position. The duo is still moving crazy units, as St. Elsewhere has been keeping it hot in the streets this week with 943,200 discs sold thus far. This week, Cee-lo and Danger Mouse have made off with 23,200 copies.
Tumbling ten positions on the charts this week is Young Dro, grasping at the No. 38 seat. In week four, Best Thang Smokin’ has finished off with 199,600 units, with the 7-day cycle for the ATLien ending at 21,000.
Tipping the rap scale at No. 45 this week is Outkast. The duo has fallen twenty-three seats on the charts, with 18,700 CDs sold compared to a more fruitful 30,300 units sold last week. However, Idlewild is still bangin’ it out, with 373,100 copies sold after 5 weeks on the go.
Slipping ten seats on the charts this week is Yung Joc, holding off at No. 49. After 16 weeks, Joc has taken his debut LP to 730,000, with 17,800 representing the week-in total.
Stumbling to No. 68 this week is MethodMan. The Def Jam recording artist has hit the bottom of the pan hard body, with 4:21 The Day After reading off 13,000 this week. After 4 weeks, Method has finished off with 125,700 units sold.
Nosediving thirty-one hard slots on the charts this week is The Roots, breaking the fall at No. 84. The Philly reps have given it all they’ve got for “Don’t Feel Right,” which has only taken the rap band to 114,800 copies this week. In total, Game Theory has pushed out 10,800 units.
On the R&B side of things, Justin Timberlake preserves his sexy, Beyonce “rings the alarm,” Danity Kane rep for Bad Boy, Ne-Yo keeps it going, and Mary J. Blige holds it down for dolo. Justin is still holding down that No. 1 spot this week, as “Sexy Back” continues the saga. Timberlake is near official platinum stat, with 903,000 representing week 2.This week, Justin is doing the charts justice, with 217,100 copies sold. Stepping down three seats to No. 6 this week is Beyonce. B-Day is sitting tight in week 3 at a heavy 796,000, with the week-ending numbers bangin’ it out at 91,200. Taking the No. 16 seat this week is Danity Kane. This week, the five-girl group has pushed out 48,000 copies of their debut LP, rounding off their total digits to 544,000. Next up is Ne-Yo, taking down the No. 70 position this week. The Def Jam songwriter is holding on at 1,310,500 in total, selling 12,700 copies of In My Own Words this week. Mary J. Blige is still in the game hard body, her slot reading No. 100, and her total numbers for The Breakthrough reading off at 2,588,300. This week, Mary has finished off with 9,000 copies sold.
Next week look for Ludacris and Janet Jackson to make appearances on The Hip-Hop Charts.

Fabolous’ Def Jam debut, tentatively titled From the Bottom to the Top, has been pushed back until February 2007, according to the Brooklyn, N.Y., rapper.
Due to conflicts with the original October release date, Fabolous said the album was pushed back to December and is now slated to hit stores next year, featuring production by Just Blaze, Jazze Pha, and Kanye West, among others.

New Couple Alert: Sanaa+T.O.
Well well well. A source close to T.O. has informed me that the new main chick in his life is none other than Sanaa Lathan. Bump what you heard about Denzel and his ex-fiance Felicia (T.O. and Felicia officially broke up in February due to his cheating ways), this is the couple of the moment. While the source informs me that Sanaa did have a lil something going on with Denzel as of recent–sans the pregnancy part–she’s moved on to Terrell. She was also spotted visiting him at the Cowboys training camp a couple months ago in Oxnard, CA.She’s actually in Dallas today to be by his side through all this alleged “suicide attempt” foolishness. And in the latest issue of Upscale magazine, Sanaa lets everybody know she’s dating someone “who may-or may not-be in the business”. And we all know that means he IS in the business. Sanaa told Upscale:
“Yes, I am dating and I’m having fun,” she says with a smile, while sending an e-mail on her BlackBerry. “I met someone recently [who] I kind of like, but it’s too soon to tell. You know how that is!” The two met in July at the ESPY Awards. And seeing that magazine feature stories are done about 3 months prior to its publication, it’s easy to believe they may be a little more serious by now. Do ya thang Ms. Sanaa. Developing…


BOOTZ, BOOTZ, BOOTZ!Real quick, I just want to shout out Funk Master Flex – keep doing your thing, big homey! On to the business at hand..Bootz, the most recently disposed beauty on “Flavor of Love,” has revealed quite a bit in the last few days in her press run. Well, she has let everybody know who Flavor Flav will make his hooch queen at the end of the season. Well, I won’t mess it up for you, but I have no reason to watch the show anymore. But, she did it. Also, if you watch, you know that Bootz was always stressing to Flav that she wouldn’t let him “knock bootz” until she got married. Well, there is a very significant reason for that. SHE HAD A MAN THE WHOLE TIME! Now, I’m like, “What THE F.” She admitted to this, all the while looking like a semi-angel. She also reconfirmed what I have told you in the past, that New York will get her spin-off show. I found it very entertaining.


How there him! He is out promoting his album like crazy and Artists like Danity Kane & Cheri Dennis are getting treated like step-children!

Danity Kane was number 1 when their album drop. These girls pull the unthinkable with hardly no airplay or promotion.
Cheri Dennis had a semi-hit record yet she got done in the worst by him and she didnt even have a album out!

The nerve of him about to come out with a second single and Danity Kane still only haves one single in cicrulation?!


PLEASE DO NOT BUY his album!

Dick-takin, non-rappin, never could dance Bit*h!
I feel better now!